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Mortal Kombat 12 Will Likely Launch In 2023

NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat 12 will apparently launch in the year 2023, according to the series creator.

In response to a Tweet inquiring about the release date for NetherRealm Studios’ next project, likely Mortal Kombat 12, Ed Boon hinted that the game will launch sometime in the year 2023.

Mortal kombat 12 2023

Another Twitter user asked whether fans can expect a reveal for NetherRealm Studios’ next game sometime within the next 6 months. Boon responded by saying that it is a likely scenario. While it is by no means a confirmation, Boon appears hopeful that the studio’s next project will get a public reveal in the next few months.

Previously, during an AMA session on Twitter, Ed Boon confirmed that NetherRealm Studios’ next project will be either of Mortal Kombat 12 and Injustice 3. In response to a question regarding the 3D era characters being scarce in the studio’s most recent games, Boon responded by saying that this is something that NetherRealm is looking to fix with the upcoming game. A Twitter user asked him if Freddy will be featured as a playable character in his next game, to which he responded by saying that he can “safely say no”.

According to a prior rumor, the next Mortal Kombat game may be a reboot. If the story wasn’t already convoluted enough, it most certainly would be under such a scenario. As per the rumor, both Sonya Blade’s father and an ancestor of Kung Lao will make an appearance as playable characters. It’s also stated that the Krypt will now feature combat, and your character will have the ability to learn new moves from certain opponents. The mode is also said to be bigger in scope, featuring new areas to explore.

Further details in the rumor state that Mortal Kombat XII will run on a modified version of Unreal Engine 4, and will arrive sometime in the year 2023. Of course, even if the rumor is true, there’s a chance the project may move over to Unreal Engine 5, as has been the case with other future Unreal Engine releases.

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