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Most Persona 5 Royal Devs Moved On To Work On Persona 3 Reload

Upon finishing work on Persona 5 Royal, a majority of its development team moved on to work on Persona 3 Reload.

Speaking during an interview with 4gamer.net, Kazuhisa Wada of Atlus’ Persona Team (P-Studio) stated that a few people from the Persona 5 Royal development team started working on Persona 3 Reload towards the end of the former’s development. However, after the development of Persona 5 Royal had ended, almost all members of the development team moved on to work on Persona 3 Reload. According to him, the team had the idea for this project for quite some time, but didn’t actually begin working on it until late 2019.

Persona 3 reload 5 royal

Regarding Persona 3 Reload, Wada and his team discussed that this is the first time the studio is developing a game as P-Studio using a brand new engine, and it is also the studio’s first project of this scale to be released simultaneously worldwide. Furthermore, they mentioned that it can be considered a remake of an integral title that made the Persona series what it is today. From the perspective of the development team, it also served as a brand new challenge for the future of the Persona series as a whole.

Previously, it was reported via Persona Channel that Persona 3 Reload will run at a resolution of 4K (2160p) and target a frame rate of 60 fps, and that the game will also feature brand new side episodes along with voiced dialogue. Based on the report, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC versions of the game will target a frame rate of 60 fps, while the Xbox One version will target 30 fps.

The report also confirmed that Persona 3 Reload will feature brand new character side episodes, voiced dialogue and cutscenes. In addition, all the animations have been reworked for the remake. In order to support the higher rendering resolution, assets such as 2D character illustrations, 3D models, background designs, user interface have also been overhauled for Persona 3 Reload. Some Quality of Life adjustments have also been made in order to improve the game’s accessibility and make it more user-friendly.


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