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Netflix Movie Shamelessly Copies From Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us

Normally, when it comes to video games, they can be often inspired by movies but in the case of The Last of Us, this has turned out to be the exact opposite.

What Still Remains is a Netflix movie that is currently available on the streaming service. It is not that highly rated (but again we can say that for most Netflix originals) and seems to follow a pretty basic story premise of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world. Here is a synopsis of the story from What Still Remains on Netflix.

Struggling to survive alone post-apocalypse, a young woman is offered protection by an unknown man, but his village may not be the haven she imagines.

While this synopsis doesn’t reveal if there are other threats in the world, the basic story about an unknown man offering protection to a young woman is definitely similar to The Last of Us. Now, this is something that can be shrugged off, since The Last of Us is not the most original story. It takes inspiration from several other media including movies and books. However, it executed all of it brilliantly in a single package that is an excellent video game on its own, which is a monumental¬†challenge.

What can be constituted as a blatant copy case is how this movie has copied the poster from The Last of Us. This is something that is hard to deny from the tweet that originally brought this to attention. Even the game director Neil Druckman had a good chuckle at the similarity between both posters.


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  1. YOUDIEMOFO January 7, 2019


  2. J.j. Barrington January 7, 2019

    The sincerest form of flattery, and all that.

  3. KashIsKlay January 7, 2019

    The last of us was inspired by many post apocalyptic movies. Foh

    1. J.j. Barrington January 8, 2019

      That’s acknowledged in the article, dummy. Seems the author is quite specifically talking about the images in the article.

      Did you bother to read it, or just jump to the comments?

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