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New Need For Speed Makes Car Crashes And Jumps Look Fancy

The next game in the Need for Speed series will feature a brand new feature that will make car crashes and jumps look fancy.

A brief leaked video from the unannounced Need for Speed game shows multiple fancy visual effects being played out when the vehicle crashes into a monument after performing a jump. The first one shows the car getting cartoon eagle wings before hitting a jump, and the second one is some sort of a filter that momentarily shows the screen getting distorted.

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As per Jeff Grubb on Twitter, the game’s announcement has been delayed by around a month. As of writing, it’s unknown whether it will receive a 2022 release date or get pushed to the next year. Meanwhile, a Reddit user claims to have additional information from someone over at EA, and, according to them, the game will be released in 2022.

Based on their information, the upcoming Need for Speed will not feature drag races or drift events. According to their source, the upgrade system has been simplified for younger audiences.

In addition, their source claims that car meets are entirely menu based. As you enter a park, a menu will pop up, allowing you to scroll through a list of available cars to swap out with your own. You can also bet on others and play events. Winning these events earns you in-game money, and the harder your opponents, the more you can earn.

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Regarding the story elements, the source claims that the game has an inclusive feel like NFS Heat. Diversity is a major part the series going forward, and there is strong female and cultural representation in the new Need for Speed title. The game is set to receive post-launch content support for a year at most, though it heavily relies on its reception both in terms of sales and reviews.

Regarding the development team, the source claims that less than half of the people working on the project are ex-Ghost or from the old Criterion Games team. The rest of the development team is working on the franchise for the very first time.

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