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New Silent Hill Game Developed By Original Silent Team, Claims Movie Director

A new Silent Hill game is being developed by the original Silent Team, according to the director of the Silent Hill movie.

Speaking in an interview, the director of the first Silent Hill movie, Christophe Gans, claims that the original Silent Team is working on the next Silent Hill game. He also said that he is directing the upcoming reboot to the film series, which begins filming next February.

According to Gans, he knows a little about the next Silent Hill game He said that he has been working with the Silent Team, the original creators, and been in collaboration with Konami. He mentioned that there are several Silent Hill games in development across multiple development teams. He said that Konami has planned a big lineup of games with which it plans on reviving the franchise. Gans also acknowledged that the Silent Hill 2 remake is in development at Bloober Team.

Gans further stated that he believes Konami was particularly impressed by the success of the Resident Evil remakes, and wishes to give Silent Hill a similar treatment. He clarified that he’s not working directly on any of the games, but he is working with Konami and the Silent Team, with which he has previously collaborated during the filming of the first Silent Hill movie.

In his second Silent Hill movie as director, Gans wants to try and explain that Silent Hill is a place that owes as much to the creatures that live there as the town itself. Therefore, he plans on delivering a much more psychological experience that is a lot more psychoanalytic in order to try to make people understand that Silent Hill isn’t only a terrifying labyrinth that alters its form, but also about the projection of tortured and tormented souls and sometimes of extremely paradoxical feelings that fall between mad love and violence.

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