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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update 11.15.0-47 Released, Here’s What’s New

Nintendo 3DS firmware 11.15.0-47 was released today after a long period of silence, but the changelog confirms there is nothing special in it.

According to the changelog that was shared by Nintendo, this new firmware update is only for the stability improvements to the handheld. It doesn’t actually add anything to the software features.

Major changes in the update to 11.15.0-47J
[New Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS LL/New 2DS LL/3DS/3DS/3DS LL/2DS
Improvement of system stability and convenience

According to reputable homebrew developer, OatmealDome, this patches something for the Nintendo 3DS browser which suggests that it could be related to an exploit that was fixed for piracy.

nintendo 3ds

3DS can be easily exploited to make it run homebrew or use it for piracy reasons. Nintendo had tried to stop hackers from making it an easy-to-use exploit, but with time, it appears that they gave it up altogether. It is entirely possible to hack a 3DS by following a simple set of instructions that are being shared by homebrew developers online.

While 3DS was successful enough for Nintendo, it didn’t quite come close to the success of the DS. It was succeeded by the Nintendo Switch which is a hybrid device offering both, a portable handheld and a console, in a single form.

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