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Nintendo Happy With Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, Comments On New & Legacy IPs

Nintendo is very pleased with how the latest entry in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, is shaping up.

During a Q&A session at Nintendo’s general shareholders meeting (via), one attendee mentioned that the console maker’s upcoming software lineup includes a wide range of titles, including Mario and Zelda. They asked whether the company has any plans to create a new IP. Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer and Corporate Director at Nintendo, began his response by showing a highlight video reel of the company’s current software lineup, which was also seen during the recent Nintendo Direct.

Metroid prime 4 beyond nintendo

Takahashi had a big smile on his face while footage from Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was shown during the highlight reel, indicating that Nintendo is very happy with how the game has turned out.

Further in his response, Takahashi said that Nintendo has released a number of software titles that allow users to experience new ways of playing. He mentioned that the company is considering various options for future releases. It is taking into account both Nintendo fans who have enjoyed its legacy characters as well as those who want to enjoy brand new IPs.

During the same Q&A session, an attendee brought up the matter of information security, pointing at Kadokawa recently getting attacked and being unable to broadcast Nintendo Direct on Niconico Live Broadcasting. They also referred to news of an insider leaking information on YouTube. In their question, they asked Nintendo about the kind of investments it is making and the kind of measures it has in place to prevent such information leaks. Takahashi responded by saying that Nintendo is aware of the specific issues pointed out through media reports and other sources. He mentioned that it is currently working with specialist companies in order to diagnose information security and take various other measures.

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