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Nintendo Is Hiring A Machine Learning/DLSS Engineer, Likely For the Switch 2

Nintendo is hiring a Machine Learning engineer, possibly for the implementation of Nvidia’s DLSS technology for the Switch 2 hardware.

According to a job listing for the position of Data Engineer, Machine Learning at Nintendo, the console maker is likely looking to make Nvidia’s DLSS technology available to Switch 2 developers for use in games.

Nintendo switch 2 dlss

The listing states that Nintendo is looking for a Data Engineer to help with integration of machine learning technologies on low-power embedded platforms, suggesting that this for the Switch successor. The new recruit will be working at the intersection of machine learning inference engines and embedded systems, facing challenges that stem from processing and memory constraints and a power budget. Tasks include, but are not limited to, porting of machine learning frameworks to embedded platforms, evaluation and benchmarking of machine learning hardware solutions, selection and optimization of machine learning models to fit power, memory, and CPU budgets.

The Data Engineer is expected to design, develop and maintain a formal framework for validating and benchmarking machine learning solutions, perform evaluations of machine learning hardware, and research, evaluate, analyze and optimize machine learning models.

Machine Learning hardware doesn’t exist on the existing Nintendo Switch, and the only likely scenario is that the new Tegra chip from Nvidia that will power the Switch 2 is the low-power embedded platform that the job listing is referring to.

Previously, Universo Nintendo Editor-in-Chief ‘Necro’ Felipe took to Twitter to share that, as per his sources, the upcoming Switch 2 console was shown behind closed doors at Gamescom running The Matrix Awakens tech demo with DLSS and ray tracing enabled. He further clarified that the version of DLSS shown running on the new Nintendo hardware was DLSS 3.1 and not DLSS 3.5. Felipe mentioned that ray tracing is possible on the Nintendo Switch 2, and that the retail version will come with 12 GB of RAM.

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