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Nintendo Details How It Plans For A Smooth Transition To Switch Successor

Nintendo has detailed how it is planning to make a smooth transition for its existing Switch user base to its successor.

Speaking in a Q&A session, Nintendo President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the company plans on making a smooth transition for its user base from Nintendo Switch to its successor via the Nintendo Account. He mentioned that the console maker is always considering various aspects of future hardware specifications. However, he refrained from offering any specific details on future hardware for now.

Nintendo switch successor transition

Furukawa stated that the Nintendo Switch software is sold in a variety of formats, including packaged software, for which customers purchase a game SD card from a store, downloadable software, and download-only software. Many customers are playing downloadable software and download-only software on Nintendo Switch, and the percentage of digital sales is increasing compared to previous consoles. As such, he said that the company will continue to propose unique game experiences using the integrated hardware and software of a dedicated game console, and he looks forward to the continued support of fans.

Regarding the transition to the next-generation console, Furukawa stated that, in the past, hardware was the only way for the company to connect with its customers, and it had to rebuild relationships with customers when there was a new console generation. On the other hand, with Nintendo Switch, the company is now able to connect directly with many customers through the Nintendo Account. Nintendo accounts have been created by many people around the world, including those created via mobile apps and dedicated game consoles. He mentioned that the number of Nintendo accounts has now reached over 290 million. Therefore, he stated that the console maker is committed to ensuring a successful transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation of consoles by leveraging Nintendo Accounts.

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