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Nintendo Switch 2 Rumored Reveal Schedule & Performance Detailed

The rumored reveal schedule and expected performance of the Nintendo Switch 2 hardware have been detailed.

In his latest video, YouTuber Nate The Hate shared new details regarding the expected performance metrics and reveal schedule of the Nintendo Switch 2 hardware. He mentioned that the console was shown behind closed doors at Gamescom running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at a resolution of 4K and a frame rate of 60 fps with the help of Nvidia’s AI-based image reconstruction technology, DLSS.

Nintendo switch 2 reveal performance

He also stated that the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 demo wasn’t show on native hardware, but was impressive regardless. He also wasn’t sure whether the demo was running with DLSS 3.1 or 3.5 enabled, although Digital Foundry is inclined to think that DLSS 3.5 (without frame generation) is what it was likely to be using.

Digital Foundry mentioned that, as per reports, the Nintendo Switch 2 is powered by the Nvidia T239 SoC, and they believe that it’s reasonable to expect it to be able to handle DLSS 3.5 features outside of frame generation. They also stated that the Matrix Awakens demo has the benefit of running on Nvidia hardware, which offers much better ray tracing performance than that of AMD. According to Digital Foundry, the Matrix Awakens demo was running on “target hardware”, which may not be representative of the final retail Switch 2 hardware. This is in line with what Nate The Hate has stated.

As for the expected reveal schedule, Nate The Hate mentioned that the month of March, 2024 was mentioned often by Nintendo representatives during the behind closed doors presentation, though he is not sure what it means. He did state, however, that a Nintendo Direct is expected to happen this week.

Regarding the rumored upcoming Nintendo Direct, Universo Nintendo recently claimed that, based on information obtained by them via anonymous and trusted sources, a Direct presentation will take place this week, between September 11, 2023 and September 15, 2023.

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