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Nintendo Switch Update 16.1.0 Released, Here Are The Changes

Nintendo has just pushed out a new firmware update 16.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch that appears to deal with stability improvements.

As usually is the case, Nintendo hasn’t provided any major background information on what has been fixed in this new update, and they just list the following change on the official website.

Nintendo Switch Update 16.1.0 Patch Notes

Ver. 16.1.0 (Released August 21, 2023)

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Companies like Sony and Nintendo usually list “stability” or “performance” improvements as the official changes if they have made some under-the-hood fixes and this is exactly the case here.

This doesn’t tell us much about the changes that have been implemented for the console, but fortunately, those who can dig into the firmware files do know what has been supposedly improved.

According to Oatmeal Dome, this update has improved some of the Home menu components, Asian fonts, keyboard, and web browser. Nintendo also updates its bad words list adding any controversial things that have been spotted in recent times.

It is important to mention that each of these updates is also a way to patch out any potential exploits for the Nintendo Switch, which is open for homebrew for a while now. Although the new update was quickly bypassed as a new homebrew update was released after it, this still shows Nintendo is trying to actively fight the ability to homebrew their hardware.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful hardware sold by Nintendo. It has sold more than 120 million units worldwide surpassing the Nintendo Wii. Since it is a hybrid console, it still lags behind the Nintendo DS if we compare the sales of both handheld and consoles released by Nintendo, but it is one of the most successful hardware for Nintendo.

If you have noticed any other changes after installing this new firmware update, do let us know in the comments below.

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