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Original Voice Actor May Be Reprising His Role In Marvel’s Wolverine

The original voice actor for the character of Wolverine may be reprising his role in the Insomniac Games developed Marvel’s Wolverine.

Steve Blum, the original voice actor for the character of Wolverine, revealed on social media that he recently finished a facial capture session for a game for which he has signed a non-disclosure agreement. While this could technically be a facial capture session some other game, it’s more likely that Insomniac may have hired voice actor Blum to reprise his role in Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5.

Marvel's wolverine voice actor

Not a whole lot is known about Marvel’s Wolverine at this point in time. That said, some early reports have suggested that it will be an M rated game, and is slated for a Fall 2024 release. Speaking during an episode of GiantBomb’s Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb revealed that Marvel’s Wolverine will be rated M for mature, and will see the light of day sometime during the Fall 2024 window.

According to Grubb, Marvel’s Wolverine is aiming to launch a year after Spider-Man 2 in Fall 2024. However, he added that Insomniac is internally discussing a 2025 release date, suggesting that things aren’t set in the stone at this point in time. Grubb also claimed that Insomniac is aiming for a “hard R” rating, implying an M for mature rating as per the ESRB. He further stated that the game will be avoiding any ties to Fox’s X-Men movies.

Grubb also revealed some details regarding the gameplay, stating that Marvel’s Wolverine will likely feature human dismemberment that Respawn wasn’t able to incorporate in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order due to its T for teen rating. Additionally, he said that the game will not feature an open world, and will likely take a semi-open/wide-linear approach to level design, similar to that of God of War.

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in development for the PS5. The game is being developed by Insomniac Games and PlayStation in collaboration with Marvel Games.

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