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Outriders Could Head To Xbox Game Pass at Launch – Rumor

Square Enix could possibly bring Outriders to Xbox Game Pass. The game has been teased on the official account for Game Pass.

Microsoft is trying its best to bring as many customers to their Game Pass subscription service as possible by introducing incentives like giving Disney Plus, adding EA Play, and offering almost the entire catalog of Bethesda Softworks. They might have big plans ahead with the release of Outriders, one of the live-service games that will be releasing in April.

The official Game Pass Twitter account has a tendency to share teasers for games that will be added to the service. Their most recent tweet suggests that one of the upcoming Game Pass additions in April is Outriders, and it could launch on the same day and date for Game Pass.

The email that can be seen in the tweet is how the official Game Pass account has teased previous announcements and new additions. It talks about a mysterious signal appearing in the distance and uses the word “anomaly” to describe it. This could be linked to Mass Effect but it is already available on the subscription service through EA Play, and since the email mentions that this is a new game, it could be none other than Outriders.

Outriders demo was released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles at the end of February. At the start of the demo, the player has to track a distant signal, and then they are swallowed in an “anomaly.” This lines up with what is being said in the tweet.

If this turns out to be the case, which so far looks like it, then Outriders could be one of the games to head to Xbox Game Pass in April. It also supports the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles with their own specific enhancements.

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