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Over 14,000 Games Were Released On Steam In 2023, Setting A New Annual Record

Over 14,000 games were released on Steam during the year 2023, setting a brand new annual record for the digital distribution platform.

According to SteamDB, 2023 saw the release of 14,531 titles on Steam, breaking last year’s record of 12,562 titles by nearly 2000 games. On average, this amounts to a total of 1,170 games released per month on the platform.

Steam record 2023

Things aren’t looking to slow down any time soon. As of writing, we’re only a day into 2024, and a total of 43 new games have already been released on Steam. Based on past trends, the platform has seen a greater number of new releases almost each year since 2010, with the only exception being 2019.

Not all has been great in Valve Corporation’s ecosystem this year, however. Prices on the Steam storefront in Argentina and Turkey were changed to USD due to currency fluctuations. Game prices have increased overall, and many publishers/developers haven’t adjusted yet, causing confusion and disappointment in the Steam community in those regions. The price difference can be significant in some cases.

Valve provides pricing suggestions as a reference for developers who may not have the time or resources to handle various currencies on Steam. While Valve sees this as a helpful guide, it acknowledges the constantly changing purchasing power and exchange rates, leading to significant adjustments to conversion recommendations for accuracy. Steam developers have control over their pricing, with the option to use Valve’s suggested conversions for all, some, or none of the supported currencies. Valve is committed to maintaining the guide’s relevance through a more regular review schedule for prices.

Steam was introduced as a software client in September, 2003, with the primary purpose of automatically updating Valve’s games. In late 2005, it expanded to include the distribution of third-party titles. Steam provides features such as game server matchmaking with Valve Anti-Cheat measures, social networking, and game streaming services.

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