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Persona 2 Remaster & Persona 4 Remake Rumored To Be In Development

Atlus is currently working on a remaster for Persona 2 as well as a remake for Persona 4, based on the latest rumor.

Twitter user MbKKssTBhz5, who is a known leaker of Persona and Sega related projects, has claimed that a both Persona 2 and Persona 4 are set to receive the remake treatment from Atlus. However, Reset Era member Head on the Block, formerly known as Im A Hero Too, clarified that the Persona 2 project is a remaster while Persona 4 title is a remake.

Persona 2 remaster 4 remake

The Reset Era member further mentioned that the Persona 2 remaster will include both games and a new translation, and that the game will be released on every modern platform, including the Nintendo Switch 2 and next-gen Xbox consoles.

Regarding the release window, the leaker stated that the Persona 2 remaster is either releasing before Persona 6 or the year after. They added that the project isn’t a major undertaking. As for the Persona 4 remake, they said that it is years away, and 4 hasn’t even hit production yet.

The original Persona 4 is a role-playing game developed by Atlus in 2008. It is the fifth installment in the Persona series and part of the Megami Tensei franchise. The game was initially released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan (July 2008), North America (December 2008), and Europe (March 2009), marking one of the final major exclusives for the console. It was later re-released as a PlayStation 2 Classic for the PlayStation 3 in April 2014.

Set in a fictional Japanese countryside, Persona 4 follows a high-school student who relocates from the city for a year. During this time, he becomes involved in investigating mysterious murders with a group of friends, utilizing the power to summon manifestations of their psyches known as Personas. The game’s plot draws inspiration from mystery novels, focusing on a murder mystery premise. The rural setting is based on a town near Mount Fuji, designed to create a relatable atmosphere for players.

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