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PlayStation App Update Adds Remote PS5 Storage Management

Sony has updated the official PlayStation App to add support for new features including the ability to remotely monitor storage on the PS5.

PlayStation App has been updated recently to bring it more up-to-date with the features of the PS5. This has allowed Sony to introduce new features and improve older ones. The most recent update to the PlayStation App has been released now and the changelog mentions that this also adds the ability to remotely monitor storage.

PlayStation App April 30 Update Changelog

Features added:

  • Sort and filter in PS Store to help you find what you’re looking for
  • Compare trophies with friends
  • Manage your PS5 storage at any time from settings
  • Join multiplayer sessions on PS5 from game invites
  • Share images, text and URLs from other apps to friends on PS App
  • Turn party notifications on/off
  • This update also includes fixes and perfomance improvements

playstation app

Those who had to look into turning their PS5 just to remove some space and install new games will benefit from this new update that makes it possible to do it all remotely, and without the hassle of rushing to your console.

Other changes include sorting and filtering out games on the PS Store and more. You can download the PlayStation App on iOS or Android.

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