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PlayStation Store Asia Is Offering 15% Discount Code For Use In Holiday Sale

PlayStation Store Asia is offering a limited discount code that can shave off 15% from the sale price. The only issue is that this offer is limited to a few countries in Asia.

PS Plus Asia is usually different than most regions. It gets a separate list of PlayStation Plus games and the current on-going Holiday sale promises at least a 90% discount on games and also has some of the most recent blockbusters available as part of this sale. If you are looking to get these games, there is no better time than to use this code now which expires on January 8th.

The code can be seen in the image above. The offer is limited so you have to use it before it expires. You can use the discount code during the checkout phase on the PlayStation Store. There is usually an option to add a code once you have picked a set of games to add to cart, and once you apply the discount, the price will be further reduced based on the amount listed for the discount code.

PlayStation Store in Asia is just doing the same deal as most other regional stores but with the further incentive of adding a discount code that slashes 15% more from the price, so if you have an account in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore, this is a great offer to use in the holiday sale.

Salal Awan

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