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Aquaman Is On Pace To Pass Justice League Worldwide Box Office, Currently $482 Million

DC Extended Universe still has some hope left as seen with results like Wonder Woman and now Aquaman. The solo outing for the underwater superhero is now on pace to pass the worldwide box office gross of Justice League, which ironically also had Aquaman.

Aquaman is definitely one of the pleasant surprise hit of the year. It exploded in China after launching earlier there and currently has made more than $200 million from Chinese box office alone. Its cumulative box office total in China is resting at $214 million, which puts it ahead of several Marvel movies that launched in China.

Aquaman had a great debut worldwide where after China, it ended up with $266 million from international markets. It has opened in the domestic market today with an estimated opening of $67 million and should clear $100 million in its five days opening weekend. This should be more than enough to get it to above $500 million worldwide, while it currently stands at $482 million.

Aquaman is also showing an incredible word of mouth and performance in the domestic world so the legs will be good there. It can hit $200 million from the domestic market which should put the worldwide gross at $700 million. It has a good chance at hitting $750 million worldwide, which is almost $100 million more than Justice League.

This just goes on to prove how much of disaster Justice League was at the box office. It included a team up of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman yet it didn’t even crack $700 million. When all is said and done, Aquaman will pass the box office gross of Superman, Justice and has a good shot at Suicide Squad as well.

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