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PlayStation Slowly Rolling Out Trophies Support For PS Classics, Multiple Games Supported

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PlayStation is retroactively rolling out Trophies support for PS Classics that previously didn’t support the feature, and multiple games have already been supported.

Earlier, it was revealed that the PSP version of Super Stardust, known as Super Stardust Portable, which is listed in the PS Classics section on the PlayStation Store, would be receiving Trophies support. Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shuhei Yoshida revealed on Twitter that this was the “first” of potentially several PS Classics to add PlayStation Trophies retroactively.

Indeed, it appears that Super Stardust Portable is just the first PS Classic to receive Trophy support. Subsequently, PlayStation Trophies also became available retroactively for another PSP title. The PS Classic No Heroes Allowed! has now received full support for PlayStation Trophies. Being the third installment in the series, it was developed by Acquire and released for the PlayStation Portable by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2010 in Japan both physically and digitally, and in 2011 only digitally everywhere else.

The gameplay in No Heroes Allowed! is largely the same as that of earlier releases, though it does feature some new gameplay elements. The second half of the new Badman & Badmella multiplayer mode is also introduced, along with Badmella, the evil daughter of Badman. The addition of water and aquatic monsters, which introduce important new strategies to the game, is another noteworthy new feature.

The addition of new pickaxes has made the God of Destruction’s gameplay more straightforward. They can be acquired by gathering Dragon Orbs from killed heroes. Treasure Chests, which spawn randomly when soil is dug, have been replaced by fossils. Level 5 Breeds and Iron Men, respectively, are new monsters and hero professions that have been added.

Super Stardust Portable, the other game to have retroactively received Trophy support, was added to the premium collection of PlayStation Plus last year in 2022. It was originally released in November 2008 for the PlayStation Portable.

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