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PlayStation Will Refund Stellar Blade Digital Copies Over Claim Of False Advertisement

PlayStation will refund digital copies of Shift Up’s latest action adventure game, Stellar Blade, over the claim of false advertisement.

It has been reported that PlayStation Support will refund digital copies of Stellar Blade to those who complain about the company falsely marketing content that didn’t make its way into the final game as originally advertised. A certain costume that is worn by protagonist Eve was censored via an update that was rolled out several days prior to the game’s release, even before review copies were sent out to the press. This has led to some players asking for their digital copies of Stellar Blade to be refunded.

Stellar blade refund

For those planning on claiming their refund, it’s worth noting that the funds of $69.99 (or the corresponding price in other regions) will be returned to your original method of payment except where this isn’t possible, in which case they will be sent to your PSN wallet. Furthermore, refund timings may vary based on your method of payment.

The costume in question is the Holiday bunny suit. For those who are curious, the uncensored version of this outfit can still be accessed via retail copies of the game. Those who have access to the disc version of Stellar Blade can see the suit in its uncensored form by running version 1.0 of the game off the disc without any updates installed. If you do have the latest update installed, simply uninstall and then re-install it via the disc, and cancel any update that may begin downloading. Should your PS5 make it mandatory to install the update before playing, simply disconnect from the internet in order to boot the game, and then re-connect afterwards.

Recently, during a Q&A session on the occasion of the launch of Stellar Blade, director Kim Hyung-tae was asked to address the matter concerning the censorship of the aforementioned outfit.

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