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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Is a New Action RPG With Open-World, Out In 2022

The Pokémon Company has announced Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which is a brand new Pokémon game that brings action and RPG into the mix.

This game will be set in the Sinnoh region which is also featured in the recently announced Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake. It is currently being developed by Game Freak and will arrive in early 2022.

You can have a look at this new Pokémon game in the trailer below.


This was the second major announcement at the Pokémon Presents event that happened today. The first one was a remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

According to The Pokémon Company, “Pokemon Legends: Arceus was developed with the desire to deliver an experience infused with new action and RPG elements that go beyond the framework established thus far, while honoring the core gameplay of past Pokemon titles.”

The three starters in this new Pokémon game are a mix of old and familiar. They will be Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott. Here are the details on these starter Pokémon in addition to the mysterious new Legendary Pokémon that was featured in the trailer.


  • Category: Grass Quill Pokemon
  • Height: 1′
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Type: Grass/Flying

This Pokemon from the Alola region uses photosynthesis to store up energy during the day and becomes active at night. It can silently glide to its target and begin pelting it with vicious kicks.


  • Category: Fire Mouse Pokemon
  • Height: 1’8″
  • Weight: 17.4 lbs.
  • Type: Fire

Cyndaquil, a timid Pokemon that is often curled up in a ball, is from the Johto region. The flames on its back flare up when it’s surprised and can also be used to protect itself when attacked.


  • Category: Sea Otter Pokemon
  • Height: 1’8″
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Type: Water

Oshawott is from the Unova region and has a scalchop on its stomach. It uses the scalchop to retaliate against attacks and to break open hard Berries.


  • Category: Alpha Pokemon
  • Height: 10’6″
  • Weight: 705.5 lbs.
  • Type: Normal

Arceus is said to have shaped all there is in this world.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be out in early 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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