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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Resolution and Frame Rate Revealed

The resolution and frame rate for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet both in the docked and handheld mode have been revealed.

In terms of both resolution and frame rate, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet both fare rather poorly. Technical analysis confirms that the game runs at a resolution of dynamic 1080p in docked mode, dropping as low at 720p but generally hovering around 864p during most gameplay.

Meanwhile, in handheld mode, both games run at a resolution of dynamic 720p, dropping as low at 576p but generally hovering at or near 720p during most gameplay outside of towns. In practice, however, image quality isn’t ideal in either mode, as there is no anti-aliasing and limited post-processing, resulting in noticeable pixel crawl.

In terms of performance, both games target a frame rate of 30 fps in both the docked and portable mode, but constantly dips below it during traversal. Some frame rate dips are accompanied by over 100 ms frametime spikes, which are noticeable during gameplay as intrusive micro-pauses, taking much away from the experience. At worst, both games can run at 20 fps for extended periods while traveling through some towns or during certain cutscenes.

All in all, the game is in a rough technical state, especially in terms of performance. Therefore, at this point, it’s best for fans to wait until at least some of these issues are fixed.

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet feature some exclusive Pokemon not found in the other version. In addition, the games have their own unique Pokemon professors, namely Professor Sada and Professor Turo. Professors in Pokemon games play an important role, as they serve as guides and mentors for the player. Those who opt for Pokemon Violet will meet Professor Turo, while players who pick up Pokemon Scarlet will be encounter Professor Sada instead.

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