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New Need For Speed Unbound Leaked Gameplay Footage Has Emerged

Brand new leaked gameplay footage from Need for Speed Unbound has emerged on the internet ahead of the game’s release next month on December 4, 2022.

The leaked gameplay videos from Need for Speed Unbound have appeared on YouTube. showing a variety of cars in action as well as a comprehensive look at the car customization options available in the game.

The footage also shows a segment involving a cop chase. The list of cars seen in this new footage had already been revealed alongside the game’s world map. The game is set in Lakeshore city. The world map of Need For Speed Unbound reveals that there are a total of 7 districts for player to explore, while a total of 20 new cars have been confirmed to be available in the game at launch.


Previously, it was reported that Need for Speed Unbound will deliver 4k and 60fps on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, it’s unknown at this point what native resolution the Xbox Series S will run the game at, though 60fps is to be expected.

Criterion Games creative director Kieran Crimmins stated that the physics engine will also update at a high frame-rate, allowing “more control and nuance” to the handling of cars than ever before. Need for Speed is all about setting trends and breaking the mold, said Crimmins. The series has always been about rebellion, which is at the heart of the street racing fantasy. He claims that NFS Unbound will explore new art styles, new visions, and new ways the game can look in order to stand out from the crowd of racing games out there and deliver innovation by setting trends.

With NFS Unbound, Criterion Games is essentially attempting to make the player feel like an illicit street racer, by making crazy bets and feeling the highs and lows and the thrills of what it means to embody that fantasy.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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