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Pokémon Sword and Shield Server Status: How To Check If Servers Are Down

Pokémon Sword and Shield servers might go down at times, and they can also be under maintenance. Here’s how you can check their status.

The launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield has been a huge success. Because of the game’s huge popularity, many users are having issues with the game’s online servers. When attempting to connect online, they see notifications such as “The online services are under maintenance.” Fortunately, there is a way to check this and get around the server issues.

How To Check Pokémon Sword and Shield Servers

Nintendo has kindly developed a support website for Pokémon Sword and Shield players to check the status of the servers and other useful information. You can get an idea of the server status from this official page accessible from here.

The server status page will let you know the issues in detail. It is divided into two different sections. You can check the online status of the service from the first section. You can also get to know if the servers are down, or if there is some other problem going on with the game. You will get to know the exact date and time when the servers are down, or if any maintenance is being planned for the game that is leading to the server outage.

The second page of the server status is related to the support and maintenance information from Pokémon Sword and Shield. This deals with all the information on the status of the server most of which is technical. If you noticed that there was an issue with the game in the past, you can find that here.

This website will assist you at any point while playing the game. You may verify whether the servers are operational so that you can play the game without interruption.

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