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PS Now February 2022 Lineup Potentially Includes GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition might be one of the games that will be added to the PS Now games lineup in February 2022 according to a leak.

PS Now has already added GTA III Definitive Edition so the inclusion of GTA Vice City won’t be a major surprise. Sony may be adding all three GTA Trilogy games to their subscription service after they started with GTA III. The bad reception of the Trilogy itself could be a factor why there is not much of a marketing or hype behind these games coming to the subscription service.

The leak about PS Now February 2022 games lineup comes thanks to a keen-eyed user who shared a screenshot on Twitter. This was supposedly taken from the official PlayStation Store and has listed GTA Vice City Definitive Edition as coming to PS Now from February 1st to May 2nd. This period is the standard for most of the games that are added to the PS Now subscription.

On the other hand, Microsoft has GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition on Xbox Game Pass, so if we had to bet, it might be taken down from the subscription service by then making way for PlayStation Now.

As for other games that are coming in the next month, we don’t have any idea for now but Sony has just announced the PS Plus games for February 2022 so perhaps they are sitting on the lineup for PlayStation Now games as well, and are due for an announcement soon.

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