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PS Plus January 2019 Games Lineup; What’s Coming And What’s Expected

PS Plus games lineup for the month of January 2019 are expected to be announced soon. Microsoft has already shared their Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for the coming month, so now only Sony is left.

Last year, Sony started off strong by giving Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Batman: The TellTale Series free for PS Plus subscribers. It remains to be seen what kind of games they have lined up for the next month, but they are always traditionally good games.

In December 2018, Sony had games like Soma and Onrush for PlayStation Plus Subscribers. The lineup for PlayStation Asia was even better with Gravity Rush 2 offered free to subscribers.

PS Plus Games Lineup for January 2019; When Will PS Plus January 2019 Get Announced?

Sony has always announced these games at the end of every month. This time though, the announcement will be likely delayed until after Christmas next week. It can happen from December 26 to December 28, while the games are usually given on every first Tuesday of the month. Due to the delay in the announcement, you can expect to download the January 8th.

What Is The PS Plus January 2019 Games Lineup?

This is going to be a big question since there are no leaks unlike in November. The games that are announced are still shrouded in mystery however, there is always the chance that what they offer in PS Plus January 2019 as part of the celebration surrounding a new year is good.

TwistedVoxel’s Predictions For PS Plus January 2019

We are sharing our predictions for PlayStation Plus January 2019 games lineup. These are all just what we expect to see next month, and there is always the chance that we are way off the mark. In any case, you can find what we think will release on PlayStation Plus next month.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary (Square Enix – PS4)
  • Alienation (Housemarque – PS4)

Again, these are mostly our predictions for the next month, and there is a good chance Sony has something else planned for PS+ subscribers. There is no leak or rumor so it is too early to tell for now.

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