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PS Plus Premium Adds Multiple New Game Trials For Major Games

Sony’s highest tier PlayStation Plus service, PS Plus Premium, has added multiple new game trials for major titles.

We had previously reported on one of these titles, The Last of Us Part 1, which is a remake of the 2013 original that the new HBO TV series is based on. PS Plus Premium subscribers can now access a game trial for The Last of Us Part 1 for the total playtime duration of 2 hours. But that’s not all. Two additional game trials have been added to the highest tier PS Plus service, one of which can also be played for the total playtime duration of 2 hours.

Ps plus premium game trials

PS Plus Premium Game Trials Added In January 2023

The list of new game trials added to PS Plus Premium in the month of January, 2023, along with their respective playtime duration, can be seen below.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem (2-hour)
  • The Last Of Us Part l (2-hour)
  • Gotham Knights (1-hour)

Unfortunately, unlike the other two new game trials, the Gotham Knights trial is only available for a total playtime duration of 1 hour, which is pretty limited for a large, open world title. Nevertheless, it’s great to see that the PlayStation Store is offering a nice incentive to PS Plus Premium subscribers. The highest tier PS Plus subscription service has been a little lacking in terms of premium content not found in the lower tiers. However, it appears that Sony is looking to make amends on that front.

Previously, we had reported on an odd occurrence in relation to the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog. A game that was initially featured in the PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup for the month of January, 2023 was subsequently removed. The game in question is Sayonara Wild Hearts. It was originally featured on the promotional material for January’s PS Plus Extra and Premium game catalog update. However, Sony quickly backtracked on its inclusion, and removed the game from its premium game catalog.

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