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PS Plus Extra/Premium Lineup Incorrectly Adds a Game, Then Removes It

A game that was initially featured in the PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup for the month of January, 2023 was subsequently removed.

The game in question is Sayonara Wild Hearts. It was originally featured on the promotional material for January’s PS Plus Extra and Premium game catalog update, as seen in the screenshot below. However, Sony quickly backtracked on its inclusion, and removed the game from its premium game catalog.

Ps plus extra premium

According to Sony, Sayonara Wild Hearts was incorrectly announced as part of January Game Catalog lineup for PlayStation Plus. This comes as rather odd, given the game’s inclusion in the promotional material. Perhaps it is scheduled to be added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium game catalog in the months to come, and its mention here was done in error.

Either way, the news is bound to disappoint those subscribers who were looking forward to trying the game this month after the initial announcement. Perhaps Sony will offer some consolation by making the game available in February’s PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup. Or perhaps Sayonara Wild Hearts is destined for next month’s PS Plus Essential lineup, which would explain why its addition here didn’t make much sense.

Ps plus extra premium

The PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup for the month of January, 2023, was recently announced, and among the prominent additions to its catalog are Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Back 4 Blood, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Life is Strange, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

For the uninitiated, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a music-based action game created by Swedish developer Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive. It tells the tale of a young woman who has been bereaved as she travels through a surreal setting. The game’s levels are each set to a different song, and the player guides the woman across while collecting hearts, dodging obstacles, and battling enemies. It was released in September, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS, tvOS, and iOS devices, in December 2019 for Microsoft Windows, and in February 2020 for Xbox One.

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