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Atomic Heart 14 Mins Gameplay Footage Leaked, Comparison Shows Improved Visuals

14 minutes of brand new Atomic Heart gameplay footage has been leaked, and a comparison with earlier builds shows improved visuals.

The 14 minutes of footage from the game was shared on YouTube, but has since been removed due to a copyright claim by developer MundFish, as seen here. However, the leaked gameplay video from Atomic Heart has since been uploaded once again, as seen above, and a comparison with the game’s prior builds reveals improved graphics.

Atomic Heart Graphics Comparison – Old vs New

A pair of screenshots comparing Atomic Heart’s visuals from an earlier 2019 build and the new build can be seen below.

Old (2019)

Atomic heart gameplay leaked comparison

New (2023)

Atomic heart gameplay leaked comparison

As seen above, the new screenshots shows the addition of new detail as well as reflections, which are not present in the 2019 build of Atomic Heart.

Previously, brand new screenshots from Atomic Heart were leaked on the internet amidst rumors of trailers that were fabricated as vertical slices. A Reddit user who claimed to have access to game files from Atomic Heart had leaked a number of alleged screenshots from the game. Their post had since been deleted.

The leak came a few days after it was reported that Atomic heart trailers were developed as a vertical slice, and that the project has been the victim of crunches and mismanagement. As it turns out, development of Atomic Heart has suffered through crunch, failed promises to the development team regarding bonuses, mismanagement, lack of milestones, reboots, fabricated trailers, feature creep, and several other problems.

Development builds of the game would be presented to investors every annual quarter, which resulted in the demand for significant changes to the project. Gameplay trailers of Atomic Heart were reportedly developed as vertical slices instead of being captured from a working build of the game, giving the impression of a polished game to audiences. It was decided at some point that the game would feature an open world with various paths and dungeons.

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