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1/3 Of PS Plus User Base Has Opted For Extra/Premium Tiers

One-third of the PS Plus user base has opted for the Extra and Premium tiers of the subscription service, a Sony executive has revealed.

Speaking during an interview, Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President, Head of Worldwide Marketing, Sales, Business Operations & Consumer Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated that the console maker gives its users options with three PlayStation Plus subscription tiers, so that they may engage as much or as little as they want, depending on their preferences.

Ps plus extra premium tiers

Lempel further mentioned that the three-tier subscription plan is a very different offering, but it’s one that has resonated with consumers. Since the introduction of the three PS Plus tiers, a third of the user base that is subscribed to the service has opted for the upper two tiers, namely PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. He added that this ratio is higher than what Sony Interactive Entertainment had expected.

Regarding the recent price hike for all three PS Plus tiers, Lempel said that the console maker intends to make PlayStation Plus great. With the introduction of the the tier system, a lot of consumers have recognized that there’s a lot of value in PlayStation 5, he added. According to him, like practically everything else in the world, Sony had to look at its pricing and had to make adjustments due to market conditions. He highlighted that, unlike a lot of other subscription services out there, Sony had not touched the PlayStation Plus pricing for 85% of the world in many years, and that this was the first time it did something there.

Lempel also stated that Sony is expecting the current season to be one of the strongest in its history in terms of console sales, mainly due to a combination of the product that it has and the titles that have been available since launch, including the recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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