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PS5 Firmware Update 22.02-06.50 Is Out Today, Here Are The Patch Notes

Sony is rolling out a new system software update for the PlayStation 5 today. Firmware update 22.02-06.50 for the PS5 adds support for a new peripheral and brings a number of improvements to system performance.

PS5 users may be disappointed to know that firmware update 22.02-06.50 does not add the eagerly awaited Discord integration, which will enable voice communication with players outside the PlayStation ecosystem. The update that is being pushed out today primarily adds support for the new DualSense Edge wireless controller, giving users the flexibility to map input to its rear buttons among other customization settings.

ps5 firmware update 22.02-06.50

PS5 Firmware Update 22.02- Patch Notes

The main features added via PS5 firmware update 22.02-06.50 are as follows:

  • The DualSense Edge wireless controller is now supported
  • This system software update improves system performance

For the best user experience, Sony urges players to ensure that their PS5 console is always updated to the latest version. For further details regarding the update, users are advised to visit the official support page here.

According to PlayStation, the DualSense Edge controller is built with high performance and personalization in mind. This new PS5 controller offers players tons of flexibility with which to customize their gaming experience. For starter, the new controller allows you to swappable controller profiles that allow you to alter your play style for anything ranging from pro level tournaments to single player adventures. Other customization options for the DualSense Edge include changeable analog stick caps, and remappable buttons.

ps5 firmware update 22.02-06.50

The customization options are further enriched with adjustable triggers, stick sensitivity and vibration intensity. The DualSense Edge empowers players with the ability to configure their stick sensitivity, stick dead zones, and trigger dead zones for finely tuned inputs, and even set the vibration intensity for a completely customized play experience.

Additionally, the DualSense Edge wireless controller and its components can be kept together and organized in one spot with an included carrying case. For the sake of convenience, users can also charge the controller via USB connection while it’s stored in the case.

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