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PS5 Stock Situation In Japan So Dire That Only PS4 Owners Are Allowed To Buy One

The PS5 stock situation in Japan has hit a new low, as a local retailer is now only allowing existing PS4 owners to buy the new console.

Retailer GEO has resorted to a rather fascinating countermeasure for the low supply of PS5 consoles in Japan after previous countermeasures were thwarted by scalpers.

Ps5 ps4

Until now, the retailer had implemented various resale measures jointly with manufacturers, but it claims that there was still an increasing trend of scalpers acquiring the console through fraudulent means, using fake IDs on the GEO Online store and GEO App. Therefore, the company is now looking to offer a PS5 directly to people who already own a PS4.

Provided a customer at GEO is able to secure the opportunity to purchase a PS5, they will be required to sell their PS4 to the retailer as a result of the countermeasure against scalpers. The retailer’s new purchase requirement for PS5 is expected to be implemented beginning August 19, 2022. Of course, being able to qualify for a PS5 purchase is no small feat in itself, as it requires you to effectively win a lottery. Scalpers were able to circumvent the lottery system, however, hence the need for an additional stipulation.

Whether these new measures will keep scalpers at bay is anyone’s guess, but it’ll certainly make things more difficult for anyone genuinely interested in buying a PS5 for personal use.

There is some hope that the PS5 stock situation will improve in the months to come. Recently, it was revealed by Hiroki Totoki, who is currently Executive Deputy President, CFO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, and Director of the Board of Sony Group Corporation, that the PS5 hardware production has picked up pace since Q2 2022. According to him, PS5 production is now experiencing less friction, as there are much less constraints from component supplies. Logistical lead time isn’t yet at pre-pandemic level, however.

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