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PS5 Unable To Run PS Classics at 4k

The PlayStation 5 is not able to run PS classics at 4k, based on a new performance analysis. Youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits shared a video in which they compared PS classics running on the original PSX console with the same games running on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 via backward compatibility.

The Youtube channel confirmed that the PS5 is running PS One classics at 1440p, or rather 1920 x 1440 to be exact, given the 4:3 aspect ratio. The frame rate games remains the same as it was on the original PS1, and there are no performance-related benefits whatsoever to running them on the far more powerful PS5.

In addition, the PS2 classics all run at a nature resolution of 720p. This is quite disappointing to see, as the PS5 would be expected to run both PS1 and PS2 games at a native 4k resolution. The DuckStation emulator runs PS1 games on Series X at a native 4k without breaking a sweat. There’s hope that Sony will improve support for PS Classics in future updates, much like how Nintendo did for its classic games.

PS classics are being made available as part of the new PS Plus Premium subscription service. It started in Asia first beginning May 23, 2022. It will be followed by a launch in Japan on June 1, the Americas on June 13, and Europe on June 23. The pricing will be different for the regions.

Sony will merge PS Plus and PS Now, ending the PS Now membership and replace it with a PS Plus Extra tier. This will cost $99.99 a year and will include both PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. This does not contain games that are backward compatible. Meanwhile, the PS Plus Premium tier will add more than 340 additional games including cloud streaming enabled PS3 games and a catalog of PS1, PS2, and PSP games. This will be available for $119.99 per year.

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