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Quantum Error To Take Advantage Of PS5 SSD/IO Throughput, Xbox Series May Require Loading Screens

TeamKill Media’s cosmic-horror first-person shooter, Quantum Error, is all set to take advantage of the PS5 SSD/IO throughput, resulting in the Xbox Series X|S version possibly requiring loading screens.

According to the official Quantum Error account on Twitter, the PlayStation 5 is the definitive way to experience the game. It was stated that Quantum Error will take extra time to configure for Xbox Series X|S, as its SSD/IO throughput is too slow, and that the game has been developed to take advantage of the PS5 faster SSD/IO configuration.

Quantum error ps5 xbox series

In response to a disappointed Xbox fan who disagreed with the idea that the Series X|S SSD is slower, the developer mentioned that the PS5 SSD is roughly double the speed of that of the Xbox series X|S. In response to a question regarding other differences between the two versions, the developer stated that graphical settings and resolution are identical across both platforms.

On the difference in SSD/IO throughput between both consoles, the developer further elaborated that higher throughput helps with many different aspects, one of which is that there is very little texture pop-in and everything loads instantly most of the time.

The developer also mentioned that development is pretty much done at this point, and that the studio is close to going gold. They added that development is currently going through some final approval before the game can be shipped. Therefore, those looking forward to the game should be hearing from the studio very soon, along with a couple gameplay videos to show off as well. 

It was also mentioned that the studio has started looking into optimizing the game for Xbox Series X, but it will take a bit of time, as Quantum Error has been made to be played with the PS5’s extremely fast SSD/IO throughput. The Xbox SSD/IO throughput is quite a bit slower, therefore the developer mentioned that it will have to change things quite a bit to make up for this shortcoming.

Regarding potential previous-gen versions, the developer stated that it didn’t develop Quantum Error for the PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S. The game was designed to use the PS5 and it’s specific technical capabilities. Had the studio held the game back to account for all platforms, it would work have scaled well across all of them. However, according to the developer, that would also have meant a lesser quality game, sacrificing the “awesome things” that they claim have been achieved by focusing on the PS5.

The developer also pointed out that the previously seen gameplay footage from Quantum Error is 2 years old at this point, and it was running on Unreal Engine 4. According to them, development has now shifted to Unreal Engine 5.2, and the game has vastly improved since then.

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