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RDR 2 To GTA VI Will Bring Bigger Visual Leap Than GTA V To RDR 2

The graphical leap from RDR 2 to GTA VI will be more substantial than the one from GTA V to RDR2, based on the latest information.

Through its sources, Rockstar Mag has obtained information on the technical improvements that Rockstar Games’ next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA VI, will bring thanks to the evolution of the RAGE engine. As per the details learned, the visual gap between Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA VI will be greater than the one already seen between GTA V and RDR 2.

Gta vi rdr 2

According to the leaked information, Rockstar Games is developing a new technology for water physics, which will be integrated into GTA VI. The team responsible for this endeavor is known as the “RAGE Technology Group,” a division of the Rockstar San Diego studio that created the company’s proprietary engine back in 2006. This team comprises approximately twenty engineers, with expertise in programming, real-time physics simulation, memory padding considerations, linear algebra, trigonometry, matrix, and quaternion mathematics. After months of research, experimentation, and optimization, the engineers at the California based studio have successfully implemented real-time simulation of water in an open-world game. As per sources, the ocean will constitute a significant part of the GTA VI world map, potentially for the purpose of introducing new activities like surfing.

Besides water physics, numerous improvements are being made to vehicle physics, primarily through an increased number of polygons in comparison to GTA V. This will allow for more precise deformations and, consequently, more realistic looking vehicular collisions. As per the source, vehicle customization will not only affect the exterior but also impact the driving experience. For example, adding a spoiler to your vehicle may prove beneficial during stormy weather. The balance between realism and arcade elements will be maintained to ensure a driving experience similar to that of GTA V. Based on the leaked information, this remains a key aspect of the game.

GTA VI is also said to feature a real weather system that will impact the game’s environment and gameplay. As per the source, rain and wind will affect the handling of your vehicle during high-speed traversal.

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