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Redfall Development Officially Shutdown, Owners Of Hero Pass Allowed To Claim Refund

The development of Bethesda Game Studios and Arkane Austin’s first-person shooter, Redfall, has officially been shutdown, and those who purchased the Hero Pass are being offered a refund.

Today, it was announced that Arkane Austin will close, halting development on Redfall. The developer expressed its gratitude to all who supported its work. Redfall players who bought the Hero Pass through the premium Bite Back Edition or upgrade will be allowed to claim a refund. While there won’t be future updates, Redfall servers will remain operational for those who wish to continue playing the game.

Redfall refund

How To Claim A Refund Via The Redfall Credit Program

Arkane Austin is currently working out the specifics of how current owners of Redfall Hero Pass may claim a refund. Check back at the Bethesda support page here, as it will be updated with new information once it becomes available in the near future. Those who wish to be notified once the support page has been updated may log into the website and select “Subscribe to Article” at the bottom of the page.

Compensating owners of the Redfall Hero Pass is the right call, as the developer failed to deliver on the promised content that came with it. Back at launch on May 2, 2023, Arkane Studios had promised 2 new heroes in Redfall to those who would purchase its Hero Pass. A year later on its first anniversary, owners of the Bite Back digital deluxe edition, which includes access to the Hero Pass, have yet to receive either of the aforementioned new heroes. Given the studio closure, we now know that won’t be happening. Therefore, offering a refund is the only logical option here, and it’s good to see that Bethesda and Arkane Austin are following through on it.

Redfall was marred by a shaky launch, riddled with performance problems and a lack of content. There has been a general lack of interest in the game since its release, with it making a swift exit from the top 50 most played games list on Xbox in less than a month since launch.

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