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Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Has The Biggest Budget In Series, Release Expected In 2025

Capcom’s next survival horror game, Resident Evil 9, will reportedly have the biggest budget the series has seen to date, and its release is expected sometime in 2025.

Well-known Resident Evil series insider Dusk Golem (aka Aesthetic Gamer) took to Discord to share that Capcom’s next Resident Evil game has the biggest budget and longest development time of any title in the series to date. He added that Resident Evil 9 has been in development since 2018, and that its release is unlikely to happen until 2025 at the earliest.

Resident evil 9 release

Furthermore, Golem mentioned that the development of Resident Evil 9 is going really well, as was the case with the Resident Evil 4 remake. He pointed out that the latter was actually released sooner than expected after the internal reboot, as development had been surprisingly smooth. In addition, he said that Capcom considers Resident Evil 9 to be a closing chapter for a few things to move on from to new story arcs and focuses, and, ultimately, take the series in a new direction. Therefore, from Capcom’s perspective, the 9th entry in the Resident Evil series is, in a way, both a closing as well as an opening chapter for things to come, he said.

Additionally, Golem shared that Resident Evil 9 isn’t as direct a sequel to Resident Evil 8 as the latter was to Resident Evil 7. Though, he added that Resident Evil 8 and 9’s plots were planned together to help lead to the aforementioned closing to the current arc.

Previously, new information regarding the setting and enemies featured in Resident Evil 9 had allegedly been leaked. Based on the details, the working title for the game is Resident Evil Apocalypse. It will allegedly be set within a ghost town in the west, involving a special investigation. The region will include caves, river, a small town and a nearby camping site.

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