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Resident Evil 9 May Have Been Delayed, Another Game In the Series May Be Released Ahead Of It

Capcom’s next entry in its survival horror series, Resident Evil 9, may have been delayed, and another title in the series may be released before it.

Dusk Golem (via), who is known for his insight on games that are in development at Capcom, mentioned that he currently has no frame of reference of when Resident Evil 9 will be announced. He said that it could happen this summer, or it could be later. According to him, a couple years ago. the goal at Capcom was to reveal the game in 2024 and aim for a 2025 release. However, he has been hearing over the last few months that Resident Evil 9 my have been internally delayed some for one reason or another.

Resident evil 9 delayed

Golem pointed out that internal delays aren’t unusual for the Resident Evil series, and that several titles have more often than not hit some “rocky point” and got delayed. It has been suggested to him that another Resident Evil title may end up being announced and released before Resident Evil IX. Though, he cautioned that this not something he has concrete information on, and that he plans on getting more details in the near future. He added that if this is indeed true, the release of another Resident Evil title before Resident Evil IX would catch a lot of off guard.

Prior rumors as well as the Resident Evil 4 remake ending have suggested that a Resident Evil 5 remake is also in the works. It’s possible that its development has outpaced that of Resident Evil 9 to the point where it will be announced and released earlier. Only time will tell for sure. In the meantime, we urge our readers to take such rumors and speculation with a grain of salt until there is confirmation via official channels.

Resident Evil 9 has not yet received an official announcement. It is expected to be the third and final game in Ethan Winters’ story arc.

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