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Retailer Hints At Similar Launch Window For Switch Pro & PS5 Pro

The Nintendo Switch successor, allegedly the Switch Pro, and the PS5 Pro are rumored to have a similar launch window.

Japanese wholesale retailer segamega99 took to Twitter to hint at the possibility of the Nintendo Switch successor, allegedly the Switch Pro, and the PS5 Pro hitting store shelves during the same launch window.

Switch ps5 pro launch

In his rather cryptic tweet, he mentions both the Switch Pro and PS5 Pro, and then states something along the lines of both Sony and Nintendo manufacturing large quantities of both consoles for wholesalers, supposedly during the same period. Despite segamega99 being a known insider, it’s hard to say if this information is accurate. We, therefore, urge our readers to take this information with a grain of salt.

Similar rumors regarding the next console from Nintendo had been reported earlier. During a recent episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily podcast, Jeff Grubb, who is known for his game industry insights, stated that the next console from Nintendo may be something in-between the “Switch Pro” and a full-fledged successor in order to continue the Switch generation.

Grubb further clarified that the new console will definitely be an upgrade in terms of hardware. According to him, it will be positioned as a “Super Switch” in order to continue the generation in a way that is more significant than what the console maker has done with the Game Boy generation and the Game Boy color. He added that Nintendo has a lot of subscribers with Nintendo Online, and the company doesn’t want to disrupt its momentum at this point, as it has stated publicly during earning reports in the past.

It was also reported that Nintendo is rumored to be optimizing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for a new Nintendo Switch model. According to a 4chan leaker, who has correctly leaked information on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC in the past, Nintendo is working on a graphics enhancement patch for the games, which will allegedly take advantage of a new Nintendo Switch model that will be released alongside the second DLC.

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