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Rockstar Adds Clever Easter Egg In GTA Online Hinting At GTA VI

Rockstar Games has added a clever Easter egg in GTA Online that hints at a connection with the upcoming GTA VI.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user shared that a necklace that has recently been added to GTA Online with the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC is the same as the one worn by an NPC in the GTA VI reveal trailer. While this may be an Easter Egg of sorts, it may also just be a case of back porting assets from the upcoming GTA VI to use in GTA Online in order to save on development cost and time.

Gta online vi easter egg

GTA VI Easter Egg In GTA Online

The aforementioned necklace, originally seen in the first GTA VI trailer, can also be found in GTA Online. A comparison between the two can be seen below.

Gta online vi easter egg

Going by the images, the necklace added to GTA Online does appear to have the same design as the one worn by an NPC in the GTA VI reveal trailer. However, as mentioned earlier, this may not mean much in the grand scheme of things.

As for GTA VI, during a recent interview, Take-Two Interactive chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about the thought process involved in determining the timing for the game’s launch, creatively speaking, and whether the decision is ultimately a judgment or a logistics call. In his response, Zelnick stated that there are elements that can be measured, such as the number of bugs and glitches. He said that the development team would naturally make sure there are as few bugs as possible before launch.

However, in the case of an “extraordinary title for which there are extraordinary expectations”, he mentioned that it’s not really about bugs. According to the Take-Two Interactive CEO, GTA VI is about creating an experience that no one has seen before. He mentioned that Rockstar Games seeks “perfection” in what it does, and that this is difficult to measure. It’s more subjective than objective, he said.

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