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PlayStation Stars Is Back In Action After Long Downtime, With A Notable Caveat

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s reward program, PlayStation Stars, is being brought back online with a notable caveat after nearly a month-long outage.

A few weeks ago, we had reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s reward program had been experiencing outage. Now reason for the service’s absence was provided by the company. Today, the console maker has officially announced that PlayStation Stars is being brought back online, with the caveat that service restoration will happen in regional phases.

Playstation stars online

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Stars will be returning soon in phased regional rollouts.The console maker thanked members of the reward program for their patience, and it looked forward to welcoming them back.

There are reports of the reward program already being online in certain regions, including Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. Configuration to re-enable the service has apparently been pushed to the PlayStation app in the aforementioned regions. It is said that the new configuration may take a few hours to kick in. If your PSN account is from of these countries and you app hasn’t been refreshed as yet, follow the steps below in order to confirm whether the service is back.

  1. Log into the PlayStation Store
  2. Click this link to view your account status to check whether you are enrolled, and to view your total points earned

After the almost month-long PS Stars outage, members were unable to access their previously earned reward points. For some users, the PlayStation Stars icon on the main section on the PS App for mobile devices vanished, while those who did see the icon received a sign up message upon interacting with it. One member opted to contact PlayStation support regarding the reward program’s outage. In response, they were told that they were not a member of PS Stars to begin with, and that this explained the issue.

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