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Saints Row Reboot Sales Have Exceeded 1.7M Copies, Less Than Half of Saints Row 3

Sales of Deep Silver and Volition’s Saints Row reboot have now exceeded 1.7 million copies, which is less than half of the number of copies sold by Saints Row 3.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Tyrin Stevenson, former Community and Social Media Manager at Volition, sales of 2022’s Saints Row reboot have surpassed 1.7 million copies, and the game has attracted in total.

Saints row reboot sales

While 1.7 million copies is no small figure, sales of the Saints Row Reboot do not fare well in comparison to other titles in the series. The original Saints Row sold over 2 million copies globally despite it being launched as a brand new IP back in 2006. Then, as of September, 2010, Saints Row 2 has sold over 3.4 million units worldwide. Meanwhile, sales of Saints Row 3 reached 5.5 million a year after its release in November, 2011. However, while Saints Row 4 ended up selling an impressive 1 million copies in its first week since release back in August, 2013, Volition did not reveal total sales figures past that point. In September, 2013, it was revealed that the franchise had sold a total of 13 million copies.

Based on the data detailed above, it would be fair to say that the Saints Row series was largely on an upward trajectory in terms of sales figures. However, the franchise’s growth saw a dramatic decline with the release of the 2022 reboot, which likely sold less than the original Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row 3. It’s hard to tell whether it sold less than Saints Row 4, though chances are that is the case.

Volition was shut down by Deep Silver’s parent company Embracer Group as a result of the 2022 reboot performing below its expectations. Furthermore, it was rumored that the developer had originally planned for the game’s story to be more like a Saints Row 2.5 in tone, but publisher Deep Silver allegedly intervened and said that it would not be a commercial success. The latter then steered the game in a different direction by insisting on having it take on a more upbeat tone, with a storyline involving a group of friends.

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