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Slitterhead Runs At 4K/60 FPS On Current-Gen Consoles, Offers Multiple Difficulty Settings & 15-Hour Story

Details regarding the resolution, frame rate, main story length, and difficulty settings for Bokeh Game Studio’s upcoming survival horror game, Slitterhead, have been revealed.

During an interview with IGN, Slitterhead director Keiichiro Toyama was asked about the differences between the PS4 and other versions of the game. In his response, Toyama stated that the survival horror title will run at 4K with 60 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X, while the PS4 version will run at 1080p and 30 fps. He said that the development team at Bokeh Game Studio didn’t want Slitterhead to only be playable on high-end PCs, but also on mid-range specs, which made it possible for the game to be compatible with PS4 as well. Since it is not a AAA title, developing it as a game that would only be playable on the current-gen consoles would have made it too expensive. Therefore, the studio decided to develop it on a realistic scale and finish development on schedule.

Slitterhead story difficulty

Toyama was also asked about the duration of the average stage in Slitterhead as well as the overall main story length and difficulty settings. In response, he said that individual levels are around 30 minutes long each. Overall, it should take around 15 hours to see the credits roll, after which players can take on any remaining side challenges. As for the difficulty settings offered in the upcoming survival horror game, a total of 4 modes will be available for players to choose from, namely Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare.

Regarding the differences between these modes, Toyama mentioned that the frequency and damage of enemy attacks changes across each setting. This essentially means that the combat becomes more challenging, but the adventure elements remain the same. According to him, Normal is the difficulty that the development team considers best suited to the average player. Hard is the difficulty setting that the team originally wanted as the default option. Meanwhile, the Nightmare difficulty setting is for people who want a serious challenge. The Slitterhead director said that he’s making that mode for himself. That said, he still doesn’t consider it difficult to the point where experienced players won’t be able to beat it.

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