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SNK Is Considering Expanding Into Manga/Animation, Has Several Plans For Metal Slug Series

SNK is considering expanding its business into Manga and Animation, and the company has several plans in store for the Metal Slug series.

Speaking during an interview with Nikkei, SNK CEO Kenji Matsubara stated that the company is considering its business into manga and animation, and also has various plans are underway for the Metal Slug action-shooting game series. He mentioned that, in the Chinese market, King of Fighters characters are increasingly appearing in other companies’ games in the form of collaborations, in addition to being licensed out. He said that SNK would like to create a situation where its characters can be seen everywhere by increasing the number of collaborators, rather than just developing new media on its own.

Snk metal slug

Regarding the Metal Slug series, Matsubara stated that Metal Slug: Awakening, a new Metal Slug title licensed out to TiMi Studios (a subsidiary of Tencent Games), performed so well that Tencent reported in its May financial report that it ranked first in sales among new titles released in China in 2023. He mentioned that, from SNK’s point of view, it is clear that the development team has a deep understanding of the original Metal Slug and has worked on it with great care.

With respect to other titles the company is working on, Matsubara reminded that SNK will be releasing the latest installment of the Garou Densetsu series, Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. in the future. He mentioned that the previous entry was released in 1999, and this can, therefore, be seen as the first step in the movement to revamp old IPs, and make them more exciting for fans. This revamp movement is expected to continue in the future, he added. Additionally, he stated that, in November 2023, the company will release The King of Fighters Global Match with enhanced online battle functionality.

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