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Sony: AAA PS5 Exclusives on PS Plus Will Deteriorate Their Quality

Putting AAA PS5 exclusives on PS Plus will lead to their deterioration in quality, according to Sony. The console maker refrained from making a comment on the competitors’ strategy, however.

The statement came from Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki, who said that the company’s strategy doesn’t align with the idea of putting AAA PS5 exclusives on PS Plus. The current strategy is to have development costs and appropriate R&D investments towards ensuring high quality products. Totoki believes that this strategy is what will work best for PlayStation to improve as a platform as well as a business in the long run.

ps5 exclusives ps plus

He added that if AAA PS5 exclusives were to be added to PS Plus subscriptions, the company would have to rethink the investment allocated to such projects, resulting in deterioration of first party title quality. This is Sony’s primary concern with following a strategy similar to what Microsoft does with day 1 releases on Xbox Game Pass.

Therefore, Sony is instead inclined towards allocating the appropriate development budget to its projects in order to get high quality games in return. Making games available via subscription day 1 does not align with this strategy.

Last month, Sony announced three new subscription tiers for PS Plus, including PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium. PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be combined in an all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service in June, giving users greater options across three membership tiers internationally.

In addition, the company is increasing cloud streaming access to additional areas, bringing the total number of markets with cloud streaming access to 30. At launch, the Premium tier will be available in the following markets: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The company has been working on this major worldwide endeavor to deliver flexible alternatives, high-quality games, and higher value for its members, and the first regional rollout is just a few weeks away.

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