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Sony Is Allegedly Altering Course From GAAS Focus, Sega/Bandai Namco Working On PlayStation IPs

Sony is allegedly altering course from its recent GAAS focused direction, and it is rumored to be working with Sega and Bandai Namco on some PlayStation IPs.

According to a member of the gaming enthusiast forum, Reset Era, Sony is scaling back on its recent GAAS push, and is instead using third-party studios like Sega and Bandai Namco to “catch up” on some PlayStation IPs. The individual, who goes by the username of Head on the Block, also claimed that nearly every first party studio at PlayStation is or had been working on an online game, some of which were forced into doing so.

Playstation gaas sega bandai namco

The Reset Era member stated that they had heard Sega has a hand in an old IP that will “wipe the floor”. However, they added that, with things just starting to turn around, it’s going to take at least 4 years or so until some of these changes become visible.

In related news, we had previously reported that first party studios at PlayStation were allegedly upset over the GAAS focused direction taken up by the company. In his recent video on YouTube, David Jaffe, father of the God of War series, had mentioned hearing from multiple sources that first party studios at PlayStation were unhappy with the direction the company had taken with regards to its focus on the development of GAAS titles.

According to Jaffe, PlayStation President Jim Ryan was convinced that GAAS was the future of gaming and pivoted PlayStation first party studios to work on them. PlayStation studios were unhappy about this new direction. Furthermore, he said that the alleged cancellation of The Last of Us Factions multiplayer game from Naughty Dog made a lot of PlayStation studios upset, resulting in internal turmoil. Jaffe’s sources told him that Sony pinned the entire blame on Producer Connie Booth and fired her, as well as the vast majority of people who worked under her.

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