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Sony’s Project Q Handheld Has Been In Conceptual Phase Since 2015

Sony’s Project Q handheld has been in the conceptual phase since the year 2015, based on the latest information.

A past patent application reveals that Sony’s Project Q had been in the conceptual phase since the year 2015. The patent for “Project Q” was filed in 2015 and published in 2017.

Project q

There appear to have been some slight changes in the button layout from the 2015 design, though the earphone jack and charging cable terminal are placed at the bottom. Given that the original patent was filed in 2015, it shows a MicroUSB port in the diagram. The final version of Project Q will come with a MiniUSB port.

Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled the Project Q, a handheld gaming accessory designed exclusively for the PS5, on May 24, 2023 during the PlayStation Showcase. The device is scheduled to hit store shelves sometime late in 2023. The standout features of the Project Q revolve around its hardware capabilities. Sporting an impressive 8-inch LCD HD screen, this accessory provides gamers with a visually immersive experience. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive set of buttons and features akin to those found on the DualSense controller, ensuring seamless compatibility.

Utilizing the power of Wi-Fi connectivity, the Project Q enables users to stream their PlayStation 5 games directly to the handheld device through Remote Play functionality. This allows players to enjoy their favorite titles on the go, offering a level of freedom and flexibility previously unparalleled in console gaming.

Speaking of the PlayStation Showcase, it was previously reported that Sony may have held back multiple game announcements at the show, including the announcement regarding a PC port of a first-party title. According to well-known leaker, The Snitch, who appears to have access to videos set to private in the YouTube back-end, Sony had multiple game announcements planned for the recent PlayStation Showcase, including the announcement of a PC port of a first-party title, but the console maker decided not to reveal them due to unknown reasons.

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