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Days Gone 2 Would Have Launched By Now Had It Not Been Canceled, Claims Former Director

The Days Gone director claims that its sequel, Days Gone 2, would have launched by now, had the game not been canceled.

Former Game Director at Bend Studio, Jeff Ross, took to Twitter to share that Days Gone 2 would have been released by now, had it not been canceled. He mentioned that he tends to get his disappointed by PlayStation Showcase events because they only remind him that Days Gone 2 could have been released a month ago if everyone involved had “just stuck to their guns”.

Days gone 2 canceled

Ross further stated that a sequel to Days Gone is a lost cause at this point because too much time has passed, and over 90 people from the original team have left Bend Studio. He added that Sony just doesn’t seem to care about the prospects of a sequel. He refrained from giving any details regarding the story him and his team had planned for the Days Gone sequel. Though, did say that he wanted to double down on all the “cool” game systems and world simulation to create some emergent gameplay.

In response to a fan who wondered if Xbox could salvage the project, Ross stated that he didn’t think Sony would let that happen. He added that Xbox already has the State of Decay series, which, according to him, is different yet brilliant in its own way.

After finishing work on Days Gone, Ross moved over to NetherRealm Studios as Design Manager in December, 2020, and later to Crystal Dynamics as Design Director in February, 2022.

Days Gone is a 2019 action adventure game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. In May 2021, a Windows version of the game was also made available. The story unfolds in a post-apocalyptic Oregon, where two years have passed since the outbreak of a devastating pandemic that transformed a significant portion of humanity into savage creatures resembling zombies.

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