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Star Wars KOTOR Remake Is Still In Active Development

After recent rumors regarding the development of Star Wars KOTOR remake being put on hold, new insight has revealed that the role-playing game is still in the works.

Earlier, during a recent episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb, who is known for his connections within the game industry, had mentioned that the Star Wars KOTOR remake was not in development “in any way at any studio”. Later, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who is known for his industry insight, shared that he had talked to two people at Saber Interactive, who both said that they’re still working on the game.

Star wars kotor development

Based on what Schreier had heard, he said that he doesn’t believe the comment regarding the Star Wars KOTOR remake currently not being worked on is true. He was unsure if the game would ever be actually released but clarified that the game is indeed still in active development as per his sources.

Previously, it was revealed via an earlier Financial Year report from Embracer Group that one of its AAA projects had transitioned to another studio within the Group. According to the publisher, this was done to ensure the quality bar is where it needed to be for the title. Embracer Group was not expecting any material delays for the game based on this transition. That project turned out to be the Star Wars KOTOR remake, and the studio currently working on it is Saber Interactive. The game had previously been in development at Aspyr.

Embracer Group has a global presence through its eleven operative groups: THQ Nordic, Plaion, Coffee Stain, Amplifier Game Invest, Saber Interactive, DECA Games, Gearbox Entertainment, Easybrain, Asmodee, Dark Horse and Embracer Freemode. Of all these studios, Saber Interactive stands out as one that has plenty of experience working with remakes in the past. As a result, it appears to be a good fit for the task of developing the remake of Star Wars KOTOR.

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