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Star Wars: Outlaws Has Been Rated M/19+ For Violence & Gambling

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s upcoming action adventure game, Star Wars: Outlaws has been rated in Australia and South Korea.

As per new listings on their respective websites, both the Australian Classification Board and the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have rated Star Wars: Outlaws. The former has been given a rating of M, which stands for moderate in impact, and the latter has given it a rating of 19+, which means that the game is not deemed suitable for those who are 18 years of age or younger.

Star wars outlaws rated

As for the reasons cited for this rating, the Australian Classification Board states that Star Wars: Outlaws contains online interactivity, science fiction elements, as well as violence. Meanwhile, the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea states that the game contains realistic simulation of speculative behavior, and that there is a mini-game involving in-game betting and dividends.

Star Wars: Outlaws was rated on March 20 and March, 21, 2024, by the Australian Classification Board and the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, respectively.

Previously, during an interview, Navid Khavari, the narrative director of Star Wars: Outlaws, had shared some details regarding the game’s story and gameplay. In terms of plot details, he mentioned that the rebels are on the back foot, and while everyone is caught up and somewhat distracted by the ongoing civil unrest, there’s a vacuum that creates the perfect opportunity for the underworld to rise and gain power out of sight of Imperial rule.

With regards to gameplay, Khavari revealed that Jabba the Hutt will be featured as a quest giver in Star Wars: Outlaws, with players having the choice of becoming another of his reliable foot soldiers or going renegade. He added that he looks forward to discovering other references to the wider Star Wars galaxy, suggesting that the game may feature other known faces.

Star Wars: Outlaws is scheduled for release on PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S sometime in 2024.

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